Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Texas Ranger and Mt Rushmore

THE OPINION section of the Waco Trib is one of Ivory Toweress' favorites. Here is the text of a letter from yesterday, defending the attempt to construct a Ranger alongside 135:

To everyone complaining about the proposed Ranger monument in Waco: Find a new argument.
None of the arguments against said monument are valid: height, eyesore, birds, and causing traffic accidents.
One need only travel south of Houston to be greeted by the 570-foot tribute to Texas’s independence. Or consider the somewhat shorter sister monument in Washington, D.C., for George Washington (it is only 555 feet 5 1/8 inches).
Then there’s the Sam Houston statues, but let’s not forget Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, any of a number of lighthouses throughout the United States, buildings in New York City and Washington, D.C.
One person said he doesn’t want Waco to be known for the “big white guy with a gun welcoming people to town.” Is it better to be known as the final stand for a bunch of fanatics dying while taking on the government?

For more amusing letters, including one arguing that a particular person would be a good state representative because he has constructed a 50-point plan, click here.

1 comment:

texasinafrica said...

Is JS old enough to be state rep? My how time does fly.

For the record, I can't imagine what would be a more appropriate symbol for Waco than a 600-foot tall white man with a gun. Except perhaps a 600-foot tall white woman with a huge bustle on her dress.